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Kohler Elementary

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Kohler Elementary

Home of The Bears

SITE Council

** SITE COUNCIL MOVED TO 6/5/23 at 3:30 pm

SITE Council Meeting 6/5/23 3:00 pm

SITE Council Agenda for the next meeting

date and time of the SSC meeting



This is the Site Council Agenda for 12-21-22
Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes


School Site Council Meeting Notes - December 21, 2022
Members Present:  
Patrick Durant - Principal
Mandy Molina-Chairperson
Diana Cloptin  - Parent
Brad Thomas - Staff
Christina Munoz-Parent
Michelle Chargois-parent
Rob Wells-staff
Megan Manoguerra-staff
Kayla Hudler-parent-absent
Melissa More-parent-absent
Meeting began at 2:03
Meeting called to order by Mandy Molina
  • Voted in new parents and Megan Manoguerra into the SSC for 2022-23 year.
  • Seconded by Brad Thomas and Rob Wells.
  • Introductions of SSC members
  • Durant explained the function of the SSC and school funding types.
  • Voted on funds available from July 1st to end of November. (5 months)
  • We have $16,525 to shift into a new category/purpose.
  • Durant proposed shifting some of the above funds for an extra hour for Ms. Tameko’s position.
  • This will increase her hours from 7 to 8 hours. ($3,500 from title funds.)
  • Molina motioned to vote for this new allocation of funds.(Voted unanimously in favor of.)
  • We have a new student support teacher for the current year. Funding for this position is being reallocated to another site by the district. (Title 1 funding) New funding ideas will be discussed.
  • We will have Mrs. Lynch coming in for a reading intervention position this year. Funding for this could come from the $16,525 money. Options will be discussed during the next meeting.
  • Wells motioned to move the $12,500 into a retired teacher reading specialist position.
  • Molina seconded this motion. It was voted in unanimously.
               ** SSC meeting date will occur on Wednesdays at 2:00.
                 Next meeting: January 25, 2022
                 Meeting adjourned at 2:30.    Proposed by Mrs Molina and seconded by Mr. Thomas